UL Listed Generator Connection Cabinets

The Berthold Electric Generator Connection Cabinet (also known as a “tap box” or “generator docking station”) is a quick-connect station for a portable generator or load bank. Once it’s installed, you’re ready for quick, easy, and safe connection of a portable roll-up temporary generator to provide backup power in an emergency or during a planned outage.

For facilities that already have on-site backup power, use a Generator Connection Cabinet for additional redundancy during permanent generator repair or maintenance, and/or for annual load bank testing.

Wall-Mounted Generator Connection Box

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Wall-Mounted: W04-5S-M9
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Product Range Overview

  • Amps: 400 to 4,000A (UL listed max. 3,200A).
  • System Voltage: 600V & below (UL listed max. 480V).
  • Permanent Connection choices (for cables in conduit to building):
    • Mechanical set screw lugs
    • Long barrel compression lugs
    • Punching only for user-provided compression lugs.
  • Generator Connection choices:
    • Industry-standard Crouse-Hinds E1016 series color coded Cam-Lok connectors.
    • Mechanical set screw lugs

Features Overview

  • UL Listed Generator Connection Cabinets
  • Constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum (or optional stainless steel).
  • Available in wall mount or pad mounted design.
  • Maintains NEMA 3R rating during use – with portable generator cables connected.
  • High quality construction designed for ease of installation and use.
  • Locking lift catch and padlock provision provide security.

Suggested Specifications

  • Generator Connection Cabinets shall be Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listed under UL 1008: Transfer Switch Equipment.
  • Enclosure shall be provided with SouthCo lockable latches on the Cam-Lok access door.
  • Internal bus shall be sized for 1000A/sq. in. ampacity, and bus work shall be supported with UL Recognized Component (QEUY2) insulators.
  • Enclosure shall be either stand alone pad mount or wall mount NEMA 3R, aluminum or stainless steel construction.
  • Generator connection cabinets shall be manufactured by Berthold Electric Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Download detailed specifications here:

Cam-Lok Spec Sheet Mechanical Lug Spec Sheet

Please feel free to contact our engineering staff for application assistance.