Why UL Listed?

In a word: Safety.

ul-listedUnderwriters Laboratories is a global independent safety science company dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments. You can be assured that a product bearing the UL label has been evaluated and found to be safe for its intended application.

UL Tested & Approved

For the Berthold Electric Generator Connection Cabinet, that means our product has passed the following tests:

  • Temperature rise
  • Short circuit withstand
  • Weather resistance

Many electrical inspectors, specifying engineers, and facilities managers look for the UL label as a tool to help ensure the safety and quality of their electrical systems.

You can verify any manufacturer’s listings at the UL Online Certifications Directory. To find us, just enter “Berthold” for company name.

UL has established two standards that deal with permanent equipment to receive connections from a temporary generator.

UL1008 (Supplement SB): Accessories, Transfer Switch. Covers units with male Cam-Loks for the temporary power connections.

UL1773: Termination Boxes. Covers units with mechanical set screw lugs (to accept bare cables) for the temporary power connections.

Notes regarding other listings: UL1008 and UL1773 are the only UL listings that cover this type of equipment. Beware of “other” listings that may not be suitable for your application.

UL50: Enclosures for Electrical Equipment. Covers the enclosure (cabinet) only, and not its contents (the actual electrical components).
UL508a: Industrial Control Panels. Covers control panels for general industrial use, not applicable to temporary generator power connections.
UL891: Dead-Front Switchboards. Covers switchboards, which must also include means of overcurrent protection and disconnect.
UL1640: Portable Power-Distribution Equipment. Covers only temporary installations at carnivals, circuses, fairs, theaters, construction sites, and the like.