Custom Generator Connection Cabinets

Sample custom generator connection cabinet configurations. These units were custom designed and built for special applications where project plans and specifications called for a unique configuration. Click on any image to view full-size.

Quick Links: P12-5S-M3467912 with breaker | P16-5S-M1012 with disconnect switch |W04-3S-M9CB4 with breaker | W08-5S-M9 with bottom conduit entry | W32-5S-F10 through-wall flush | Product Specifications & Additional Information

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Product Specifications, Diagrams and Options

  • Generator Connection Cabinets shall be Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listed under UL 1008: Transfer Switch Equipment.
  • Enclosure shall be provided with SouthCo lockable latches on the Cam-Lok access door.
  • Internal bus shall be sized for 1000A/sq. in. ampacity, and bus work shall be supported with UL Recognized Component (QEUY2) insulators.
  • Enclosure shall be either stand alone pad mount or wall mount NEMA 3R, aluminum or stainless steel construction.
  • Generator connection cabinets shall be manufactured by Berthold Electric Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Download detailed specifications for Cam-Loks and Mechanical Lugs here:

Cam-Lok Spec Sheet   Mechanical Lug Spec Sheet

Please feel free to contact our engineering staff if you would like assistance in customizing your specification for the Berthold Generator Connection Cabinet.

These diagrams show five examples of common connection configurations for Berthold Electric Company’s Generator Connection Cabinets. You can also quickly view one-line diagrams online here and download individual PDF sheets.

Download PDF One-Lines #1-5 here.

Please feel free to call us toll-free at 800.657.6650 for application assistance. Contact us for more information.

Options for Generator Connection Cabinets.

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